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Alex © Darren Rowley 2019.

"I am so so so glad Darren and I got to work together. You know there are few that really touch your heart and Darren was one of them. (I’ll get to the photography bit in a minute - this needs a mention!!) To come across a genuine human being can be a rarity, when you find one, you just know. You don’t have to over think, you don’t have to explain yourself and you instantly feel comfortable in their company.

Darren is a genuine, kind, creative, loving soul. Blessed to of met you 

ok ok, so on top of all of that…he truly is a fantastic photographer!! I don’t say this lightly. What he see’s in terms of lighting and composition is a passion that he has focused on and grown in, it was delightful to be part of his genius ideas.

​Back of the camera shots are like….what!!! We were so pleased! Cannot wait to see the finished products, but furthermore, cannot wait to shoot with Darren again.


Unashamedly happy to admit Darren is one of me favourites. But every time we shoot it is just effortless, feels like a friend and his work is sublime. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Alexandra Frances McCue 2019.

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Tabitha Lyons (Artyfakes)

Cosplayer/Model. UK

"I would not be the model I am today if it wasn't for Darren. He took me out of my comfortable cosplay zone and grew my confidence to work in a professional studio. Not only is he the KING of lighting, but introduced me to working with animals, latex and so much more.. All whilst having so much fun on set. I love working with Darren so much. I cry if I can't shoot with him once a month at least. He always gets my edits to me quickly whilst maintaining such a high quality! I can't recommend him more as a photographer."

Joel Hicks

Model/Photographer. UK

"I shot with Darren performing art nude. Darren came with a clear concept in his head about what he wanted to create, and he directed superbly from behind the lens. He was also receptive to suggestions, and we worked together to produce some exceptional art nude sculptures. The images, that he produced, were sensational and some of the best images that Katy and I have been a part of. I would recommend this guy, he is one of the best..."


Model. UK

"I had the pleasure to work with Darren Saturday at the Hacienda and I truly can’t believe what a fantastic guy he is!! He’s such an amazing photographer I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures!! On top of that Darren is fully equipped with ALL the gadgets, will literally think of anything you could possibly need for a shoot. He’s also got such amazing direction and attention to detail. I am definitely sure we will be working again soon. I highly recommend Darren, you’re guaranteed to have the best photoshoot in your life!"

Ellie Fox

Model/Studio Owner. Kent, UK

"Well what can I say? This guy is fantastic! I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Darren today and it was truly fabulous. Darren knows what he wants in each shot/set and knows exactly how to pose and direct a model. Love his creativity and we just bounced ideas back and forth. Such a variety of shots were achieved because Darren sees the potential in any space and can make any backdrop look incredible. I cannot recommend him more highly and am so excited to have met him today. 100 percent will work with him again anytime. Thank you Darren!"

Jem Rose

Model. London, UK

"I can't praise this man enough and not sure what to say that hasn't already been said before. A lovely person who I always feel really comfortable around, it's great to catch up every time we have a shoot. He has a very creative eye and is a natural with the camera, I always love what I see on the back of the camera during a shoot! It was a pleasure to do a pregnancy shoot with him as it's such a special time and I think we captured some great shots, he also made sure I was comfortable throughout which I really appreciated considering the big old bump! Highly recommend of course."


Cosplayer. UK

"I've admired Darren's inspiring and creative work from afar for a while, and was absolutely overjoyed to be offered the chance to work with him. He's super knowledgeable, super approachable, knows what he wants and how to get it, but also able to adapt and concoct on the fly. An amazing eye combined with a professional approach produces astounding results. I look forward to shooting with him again as soon and as often as possible!"

Tania Aresti

Model. London, UK

"Had a wonderful shoot with D Rowley Photography! This shoot was just the most amount of fun. He came down to my flat to shoot and we got on well having a great chat and laughing lots throughout.


He is entertaining as well as a great photographer. He knows what he's doing and i really like the images. He is easy to work with, 100% professional & i felt completely comfortable around him. If you get the chance to shoot with D Rowley Photography take it. I would definitely recommend and I would love to work with him again."

Rachelle Summers

Model. UK

"I don't know where to start to express how amazing my shoot with Darren was! Definitely up there in my top shoots. We got on like a house on fire, he is really chatty and friendly. Thank you so much for a brilliant shoot and I can without doubt say I want to work with this photographer again! Highly highly HIGHLY recommended!!"

Layla Peach

Model. Kent, UK

"I had my first shoot with Darren yesterday. He is such a great guy as he was always making sure I was comfortable , happy with the shots he took and just overall a genuinely nice guy! It's not everyday you meet a highly experienced photographer who respects and looks after the models safety, so for that he's a 10/10! On our shoot we captured some great images! Darren is highly experienced with his camera and lighting and as you can tell from his portfolio the end result is outstanding! I have all ready arranged lots more shoots with Darren for this year , so be sure to act quickly if you want to shoot with him."

Jodie Ellen

Model. Kent, UK

"I don't even know where to start with this reference, Darren and I have worked together over time for so long now. I know when I get the message from Darren I'm in for something different, be it riding on a bull outside a bar or spending half hour lubing myself from head to toe to fit into some super tight latex. This time is was the latter.

Darren is one of the most down to earth, talented photographers I have worked with over time who always delivers outstanding results. I have so much fun shooting with Darren which I hope carries over to our images. He even brings sweeties! Obviously Highly Recommended from me! ♥ <3"


Model. London, UK

"Had the best shoot with Darren at my studio weekend. I was at the Hacienda. Wow, we created some incredible images! This is my third time working with Darren so I've probably said it already, but he is a top photographer! Perfect with lighting and direction. He lets you do your thing, is open to ideas, and we generally have the most inspirational shoots."

"I had an amazing shoot with Darren - I adored this shoot! We created some amazing images and I enjoyed the process so much. He is a breeze to work with and he is so dedicated to shooting beautiful images. We had plenty of breaks and chances to warm up and I'm sure we could have shot for hours more. I've got another shoot booked in with him which I am looking forward to a lot."


Model. UK

"I worked with Darren for the first time at the bohemian garden event at the hacienda a few days ago and I have to say he is a pleasure to work with! He has a great sense of humour, very easy going and is very helpful when it comes to direction. We created some awesome images together and I will hope we work with each other again in the future."


Model. Sussex, UK

"Had an absolutely fantastic shoot with Darren today! Pre shoot comms were spot on, professional and concise, with a moodboard too which always helps. Arrived on time and very friendly and laid back guy. We shot most of the afternoon with a few tea breaks and going over ideas. Some very creative shots were taken and I can’t wait to see them. Felt very comfortable and safe around Darren. Already talking about future projects - excellent. Highly recommend and happy to supply references upon request."

Pipa Doll

Model. London, UK

"I loved shooting with Darren at The Clocktower, he has a really arty insight to photography as well as being intuitive about angles and framing. The images we captured are beautiful and in one of my favourite finishes - monochrome - yay. Darren is really interesting to talk to about a variety of topics and I really enjoyed our shoot! Thank you"


Model. UK

"I LOVE shooting with Darren. He is so professional but loves to have a laugh on his shoots. This is why his work is so fantastic! He loves to be different and stand out from the rest. He has great ideas, clear direction and perfect images! Work with Darren!....That is all!"

Kirk (Batman)

Cosplayer. UK

"It's always a pleasure working with Darren on shoots, over the last few years that I've been attending events as the Batman. Easy going, friendly and very professional. His ideas together with attention to detail create amazing compositions full of emotion and beauty. Simply an artist."


Model. Kent, UK

"I shot with Darren yesterday evening, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. His photography is stunning, he has extensive knowledge in the industry, and was thus able to bring loads of exciting ideas and direction to the shoot. I can’t wait to see the images, but the back of camera spoke for itself! He made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the day, with his communication and organisation from the get go giving an enjoyable day. I took so much away from the shoot, in regards to tips, advice and confidence! I would love to shoot again and will definitely keep in touch."

Rogue Roxy

Cosplayer. Bristol, UK

"I loved working with Darren, he is extremely professional and makes you feel really relaxed. He has helped me a lot with confidence in front of the camera and poses. I trust Darren completely to make me look good."

Holly M.

Cosplayer. UK/USA

"Highly Recommended! I have worked with Darren on various occasions at sveral conventions, but lately I had my first studio shoot with him. Darren creates a comfortable and professional environment. Fantastic photographer, open to model ideas and creativity. I can't wait to work with him again!"

Emma Evelyn

Model. Manchester, UK

"Darren is a fantastic photographer and a welcoming and warm gent, great pre coms, easy to work with I just cannot recommend him highly enough, on each shoot we have not only had a great time but produced some images we can both be proud of."

"I have worked with Darren on 2 occassions now and I am 100% sure we will collaborate again, Darren is a fantastic photographer and a welcoming and warm gent, great pre coms, easy to work with I just cannot recommend him highly enough, on each shoot we have not only had a great time but produced some images we can both be proud of. Thanks again Darren and I look forward to seeing you lots more"

Nick Price

Photographer. Kent, UK

"I was honestly honored to have Darren attend a model day I was running yesterday. A very good photographer and expert in lighting I have looked up to his work since I started. Particularly as all my friends wouldn't stop talking about the amazing Darren Rowley. He is an absolute scholar and gent, his way of working with models and talking to them, his eye for details and posing are fantastic. I would happily recommend any model work with Darren if you get the chance."

Leah Meraki

Model. UK

"We finally got the chance to work together and it was definitely worth the wait! Darren is such a great guy, with a great personality and we just hit it off straight away and he even understood my sarcasm (which doesn’t always come across as intended on first shoots so thanks for putting up with that!). We worked on various different sets and genres and he even experimented with lighting in the studio which has turned out to be one of my favourite photos! We have already been discussing further shoots and it would be a pleasure to work with him again. Highly recommended from me, and I look forward to future shoots!"

Lisa J. Ralph

Model. London, UK

"I was so happy to shoot with Darren again after so long! Always a pleasure working with Darren, always professional and most of all its always fun and productive! I have worked with Darren on a number of different shoots but this was the first big fashion brand catalogue shoot together so it was great to be shooting a totally new project with Darren. I was very chuffed to have be recommended by Darren to shoot for this brand and I am looking forward to our next collaborations together in the future! If you want to shoot with a talented, explosivly creative and professional photographer I highly recommend shooting with Darren!"

Angel White

Model. Sussex, UK

"I just love working with Darren. He has so many wonderful ideas and is a brilliant photographer. Not only that, he is easy to get along with and is very encouraging and enthusiastic throughout the shoot which helps with the general magic behind creating good photos together. He is passionate about photography and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

Bexy Beatdown

Model. London, UK

"Wow, what can I say? I absolutely Love this amazing photographer, His technique is amazing and the results, breathtaking. Completely professional and yet his laid back approach makes you feel like you've known him forever which means creating the perfect shots are easily achievable. I  can't recommend him enough and hopefully I'll get the pleasure of shooting with him again very soon ."

Chloe (Aien Queen)

Cosplayer. Sussex, UK

​​​"Darren is an absolutely amazing photographer, I knew before working with him that I loved his work, I looked forward to working with him knowing he was a really nice guy to work with! I had a lot of fun working with him, he worked with my ideas and made them better. Thank you so much! definitely going to work with you again in the future! Highly recommended."


Model. London, UK

"Well what can I say about Mr Rowley apart from the photographer is something special. You know when you got Darren on your side your portfolio is only going to bloom. Darren is friendly profession as well as direct and full of idea.The guy is shear class and I always look forward to shooting with him."

Claire Watola

Model. Surrey, UK

"Fantastic to work with! I felt comfortable from the second i walked in and Darren was professional from the start! He gives brilliant direction and helped me considerably with posing and angles id never even thought of! I had SUCH fun and would DEFINITELY work with Darren again. If you get a chance to work with this guy... DO IT!! you won't be disappointed"

Gothicarnie Wink

Model. London, UK

"We've been working together for over 5 years now and Darren is my favorite photographer to work with. He offers great direction to models, works hard to achieve incredible shots & the results are fantastic. He's a brilliant photographer who I hope to continue to work with for many years to come.I'd recommend him to any model for a fun & exciting photo shoot you will want to work with Darren again and again."


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"Having worked with Darren for the better part of a decade and over multiple shoots, I absolutely cannot recommend him enough. Always not only the highest level of professional, he's fantastic at making shoots a comfortable environment; the best environment, I believe, for getting the best shots. Highly, highly recommended."

Tori Yummai

Model/Cosplayer. Bristol, UK

"This was my 3rd shoot with Darren and as always I am blown away. He never fails to make me feel completely comfortable throughout the whole shoot and always checks to make sure I am never feeling uncomfortable at any point. You can really tell that Darren puts the models feeling first. Darren's experience really shows throughout the shoot as he truly knows how to pose the model to capture their best angles creating amazing images because they have even touched the editing process. If I could I would work with Darren on a regular basis as there is no end to what he can create! Highly recommend!"

Owain Lewis

Cosplayer. London, UK

"I had a photo shoot with Darren recently at LSCC, after hearing so many great things about the man. The main thing is his knowledge of the characters and his skill as a photographer, which make the experience amazing. And above all he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I highly recommend working with Darren Rowley as he is a legend among mortals!"

Sarah Quinn

Model. London, UK

"Prior to the shoot i had only ever heard great things about Darren. I heard he was fun, professional and took amazing photos, to my suprise, everything people had said was true. I consistantly refer people to Darren and will continue to do so because he is one of my favourite photographers."

Kelly Klein

Model. London, UK

"Darren is a delight! Enjoyed the shoot so much it felt as though I'd only just walked in the door then I was walking out again,the time went so fast. Images on back of cam looked excellent. Darren really knows what he is doing and completely took on all my input too which was lovely. Cant wait to shoot again hopefully very soon."

Natasha (Tia Marie)

Model. UK

"Well well Mr Rowley where do I even start, the last two days shooting with you have been an absolute pleasure I didn't want to stop, you have completely out done my expectations from the shoot. Darren is not only one of the most creative and inspiring photographers I have had the chance to work with but he is one of the most genuine guys I have ever met.


I had a shoot planned with Jaydon and Darren for the Saturday and ended up staying until Sunday night, we had so many ideas and got on so well i just couldn't bring myself to leave, Darren even put me up in his own home and I spent an enjoyable evening with him and his partner. I could go on forever, I have nothing but praise for this man and if you get the oportunity to work with him take it!! It has been an inspiring and fun weekend and I have learnt so much!"


Jemma (Vamp-Rouge)

Cosplayer. UK

"I love working with Darren as I know I will always get wonderful professional shots of the Cosplay’s I work so hard on. Darren is a comic fan himself and so often knows the characters and the best way to portray them. He is patient and always open to working with my ideas and gives me tips when I’m not confident on the most flattering ways to pose. Not only that, he is also a lovely, friendly guy."

Kara Hook

Cosplayer. UK

"I've Known Darren for years through conventions such as mcm Expo and London film and comic con, Where he has taken fantastic pictures of my cosplays. I  had the pleasure of doing my first studio-shoot with Darren. I was a little nervous, but Darren gave me direction when needed and even gave me praise along the way, which was a huge confidence booster. The final images are stunning."

Elle G.

Model. Kent, UK

"What an inspirational tog! Would love to be part of future work with Darren and previous shoots have always been more than positive. He is great in giving directions and simply knows what makes a shot! Darren takes the models needs and expertise in account and easily assists in ensuring the best possible outcome for everyone involved. All I can say is AMAZING!"

Lauren Michelle

Model. Kent, UK

"I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with Darren on my first ever photo shoot. Darren made me feel completely at ease, It was like I had known him a long time and before I knew it, the nerves had gone. Very polite and respectful character - gave me brilliant direction in the shoot. An amazing man, outstanding photographer and a fantastic laugh!"

"I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with Darren on my first ever photo shoot.. what can I say, an amazing man, outstanding photographer and a fantastic laugh! Darren made me feel completely at ease, It was like I had known him a long time and before I knew it, the nerves had gone. Very polite and respectful character - gave me brilliant direction in the shoot. I would not hesitate to work with Darren again, I would jump at the chance! More than highly recommended - do not miss the opportunity to shoot with him and his remarkable photography skills!"

Sharon O'Brien-Lumley

Cosplayer. UK

"Darren is an absolutely fantastic photographer to work with. With his great direction and amazing photographic skills he works his magic and transforms my cosplay characters into movie/comic quality heroes , he totally brings them to life, and his images are out of this world."

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